Time-saving shortcuts for Salesforce admins

From Salesforce UX design to fully custom applications, here are our best tips and tricks for Salesforce admins.

Whether “admin” is part of your title, or you’re a developer, architect, or generally responsible for your company’s Salesforce instance, your job is hard, but rewarding. You have the opportunity to lead your organization’s digital transformation strategy, drive positive change, and truly help your users. But you need the right processes, tools, and support to do your job well. So, based on our work with admins over the years, we’ve compiled our favorite tips and tricks with one simple goal: to help you build better custom apps and user experiences, faster. Our guide, "Time-saving shortcuts for Salesforce admins," will demonstrate some Skuid capabilities. And if you aren’t already a customer, don’t worry. You can start using Skuid for free and build everything we talk about here.